Best Wishes to IPG Intern

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Each summer, IPG mentors a college student from the North Georgia region in hopes of providing opportunities for hands-on business experiences. This year,
we had the pleasure of having Payton Drake join us for our summer intern program. Payton said “During my internship at IPG, I’ve been able to learn a lot through the hands-on teaching they provide. Seeing the properties has been beneficial to my future plans and I have really enjoyed the small company feel that IPG gives.” We wish Payton the very best as he enters his Senior year at Wofford!

Hometown: Decatur, GA
High School: Decatur High School
College: Wofford College (Rising Senior)
Program of Study: BBA in Finance
Hobbies/Extracurricular: I enjoy intramural sports and being part of my fraternity, Kappa Sigma.
Future Plans: I am currently taking my Real Estate Pre-Licensing courses. After college, I plan to do something in the real estate field, either residential or commercial.

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